INDOJET MEDIC | Jet & Heli Medical Rescue

Provides a fastest air evacuation in emergency medical situation by Jet’s flight and Helicopter around Indonesia, transferring the patient to the nearest hospitals within the country such as Bali – Surabaya – Jakarta – Makassar - Medan and some other cities around Indonesia, including transferring the patient to flying abroad such as Singapore – Malaysia – Thailand – Japan – Hong kong – China – and the Europe countries.

Having operated throughout Indonesia and South-East Asia , we are able to offer a truly world class medical air evacuation service. Our Medic crews are trained in, and comply with, all local industry regulations and laws, providing service in accordance with international best practice.

All our planes carry state of the art medical equipment to ensure a high level of care can be initiated and continued during flight, all Airframes carry a high acuity kit ensuring the best care available, and of course the best medical teams while you are onboard. Our highly skilled paramedics, doctors, nurse and pilots work together to deliver advanced clinical care to patients – giving them the very best chances of survival and recovery.

Each of our services works tirelessly to save lives every day. We here for people who are dangerously , having suffered life-threatening injuries , or any emergency medical situation which need an urgent transfer to specialist care .

Since July 2019, We operates our own King Air B200 and King Air B350 with base Parking in Lombok and Jakarta, Both Aircraft is speciliazed for Medical Evacuation Services. Our Operational Offices is Located in Jakarta, Bali and Lombok. Whenever you need our help, we’ll be there.

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