Indonesia's Best Hospitals

According to the Indonesian Professional Medical Recorders Association [ Local : Pormiki ] , Only five out of  1,800+ hospitals existing in Indonesia are currently accredited internationally. This statement was also confirmed by [ Premiere ]  Health Minister  [ Mrs Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih ].

The five internationally accredited hospitals in Indonesia are  :

Siloam Karawaci Hospital , Tanggerang,
Eka Hospital Bumi Serpong Damai in Tanggerang,
Santosa Hospital in Bandung ,
 Bintaro Premier Hospital and Jatinegara , Jakarta
Premier Hospital in Jakarta. 

Somehow, There are a few good hospitals in Bali and Surabaya offering excellent medical care to all locals and the patients from various other countries. Outlined here are some of the most prominent hospitals of the metropolis. Lists of those hopitals are as below :

Siloam Hospitals Surabaya :

Siloam Hospital Surabaya is one of the largest hospitals in the city. It offers the highest class of medical care in the region and has 160 operational beds and all different types of modern facilities. It is an initiative of a large private property group called Lippo Karawaci. Their other three International hospitals are located in Jakarta. In Surabaya alone, this hospital has 210 specialist doctors as well as 184 nurses. The hospital also provides 24 hours emergency and ambulance service, both of which are available throughout the week.

Rumah Sakit Surabaya International :

Rumah Sakit Surabaya International is located in the calm and quiet area, east of the city. It is another major hospital in the city. It began its operations with a vision to create and uphold a reputation of excellent medical service. This hospital belongs to a branch of Ramsay Health Institute, the largest health care company in Australia. The company as a whole has around 70 health care centers in Australia alone. It started its operation Surabaya in 1998. With 168 bedrooms and the professionalism of the doctors from Australia and Indonesia, this has become a unique center for medical care. Other medical facilities such as a 24 hours emergency unit, ambulance, and number of medical doctors in each department make it a favorable place for patients to visit.

Husada Utama Hospital Surabaya :

Husada Utama hospital became operational in 1993 with a vision to become a five-star hospital that provides complete satisfaction to its patients and to their families. The infrastructure has 220 beds, emergency care service, and modern facilities in the operating theatre. All of these factors make this medical center an excellent healthcare institute. Husada Utama continues to provide the most outstanding healthcare service with the highest professional standard medical technology.

Menur Psychiatric Hospital Surabaya :

Menur Psychiatric Hospital is another hospital that provides medical care to mentally disordered patients in the region. They have 30 VIP rooms and other world-class facilities to provide medical care to such patients.

Siloam Hospital Kuta , Bali :

Located in sunset road kuta bali, this hospital is a member of the largest hospitals networks in indonesia, the Siloam Hospitals Group. Had an international standards with multi-lingual paramedics from front-desk registration until surgey doctors and all the other paramedics. This hospital offes a complete MRI, SCAN, and many more health-treatment facilities with internatioanl standard.  All internatioanl insurances mostly welcome.

Wings Hospital Denpasar, Bali :

This hospital is a member of RSUP Sanglah denpasar, a premium class of the bali government hospital, operated the most expert paramedics with and works with multi-hospitals networks in the world including insurances.

Bali International Medical Centre [ BIMC ] , Bali :

BIMC has a very high standard international medical treatment, all paramedics spoke in multi-language, they had a connection direct to bali international airport. This hospital is located in Kuta.