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Fly to All Countries | Flying you anywhere

Indojet Medic flying the patients to the following countries, but not all countries in the world. Departure from any cities in Indonesia with some transit accorrding to destination. Please find
the country liest below to make sure that your destination is on our lists.

Algeria Algérie Al Jaza'ir Northern Africa

Argentina Argentine Argentina Southern South America

Australia Australie Australia Australia/Oceania

Austria Autriche Österreich Western Europe

Bangladesh Bangladesh Bangladesh South-Central Asia

Belgium Belgique Belgique/Belgie Western Europe

Brazil Brésil Brasil Central Eastern South America

Brunei Darussalam Brunéi Darussalam , Southeast Asia

Bulgaria Bulgarie Bulgaria Balkan, Eastern Europe

Cambodia Cambodge Kampuchea South-East Asia

Canada Canada Canada North North America

China Chine Zhong Guo Eastern Asia

Czech Republic République Tchèque Ceska Republika Eastern Europe


Denmark Danemark Danmark Northern Europe

Ecuador Équateur Ecuador North West South America

Egypt Égypte Misr Africa, Middle East

France France France Western Europe

Germany Allemagne Deutschland Western Europe

Honduras Honduras Honduras Central America

Hong Kong Hong-Kong Xianggang Eastern Asia

Hungary Hongrie Magyarorszag Eastern Europe

India Inde Bharat South-Central Asia

Indonesia Indonésie Indonesia Maritime South-East Asia

Iran (Islamic Republic of) , South-Central Asia

Italy Italie Italia Southern Europe
Japan Japon Nippon Eastern Asia

Kazakhstan Kazakstan Qazaqstan Central Asia

Korea, Republic of (South Korea) Corée, République de Han-guk Eastern

Lithuania Lituanie Lietuva Northern Europe

Luxembourg Luxembourg Luxembourg, Letzebuerg Western Europe
Macau Macao Aomen Eastern Asia

Malaysia Malaisie Malaysia Southeast Asia

Maldives Maldives Dhivehi Raajje South-Central Asia

Mexico Mexique Estados Unidos Mexicanos North America

Myanmar, Burma Myanmar, Southeast Asia

Netherlands Pays-Bas Nederland/Holland Western Europe

New Zealand Nouvelle-Zélande Aotearoa Oceania; Australia

Norway Norvège Norge Northern Europe 

Pakistan Pakistan Pakistan South-Central Asia

Papua New Guinea Papua Niu Gini Maritime Southeast Asia,

Paraguay Paraguay Paraguay Central South America

Peru Pérou Peru Western South America

Philippines Philippines Pilipinas Southeast Asia

Poland Pologne Polska Eastern Europe

Portugal Portugal Portugal Southern Europe

Qatar Qatar Dawlat Qatar Arabian Peninsula, Middle East 

Russian Federation Russie,  Eastern Europe - Northern Asia

Saudi Arabia Arabie Saoudite Al Arabiyah as Suudiyah Arabian Peninsula, Middle East

Singapore Singapour Singapore Southeast Asia

Slovakia (Slovak Republic) Slovaquie Slovensko Eastern Europe

Spain Espagne España Southern Europe

Sweden Suède Sverige Northern Europe

Switzerland Suisse Schweiz ,Western Europe

Taiwan (Republic of China) Taïwan, Eastern Asia

Thailand Thaïlande Prathet Thai South-East Asia

Timor-Leste (East Timor) Timor-Leste, Timor Maritime South-East Asia

Turkey Turquie Turkiye Southeastern Europe, Western Asia

Ukraine Ukraine Ukrayina Eastern Europe

United Arab Emirates Émirats Arabes , Middle East

United Kingdom Royaume-Uni United Kingdom Northern Europe

United States États-Unis United States North America

Vatican City State (Holy See) ,Southern Europe within Italy

Venezuela Venezuela Venezuela Northern South America

Vietnam Viêt Nam Viet Nam South-East Asia