Outdoors Medical Evacuation

Outdoors Medical Evacuation | Medical Evacuate from hard Place

Enjoy day off, family vacation, and any outdoors activities is a dream of everyone. But when an illness or emergency strikes, travelers and their families face the harsh reality of finding a safe and the quick emergency evacuation to the nearest hospital to get an Immidiate medical treatment.

Indojet Medic Provides a helicopter evacuation from anywhere in indonesia, from the jungle, beaches, Inland Villages, or volcanoes  Operates any series of helicopter, from BEL Types, Eurocopter Type,  Super Puma, Agusta Type and some more.

Our Aircrafts equipped with first aid medical treatment and the emergency medical crews [ doctors, nurse ].

This service available for evacuation from any places in indonesia, such as : Bali , Nusa Tenggara, Sulawesi, Sumatra, Java , Kalimantan, papua, Ambon.

Heli evacuation available in day time only from 0600 am to 1800 pm.