Inbound Hospital Transfers

Inbound Hospital Transfers | Transfer to Any Cities in Indonesia

Our Inbound Transfers is assisting the patient to transfer into a selected hospital in indonesia including suggesting the best medical care among the exist hospitals. This services available for any level of medical condition including patient with critical coma scale.

Inbound Transfers operates to all commercial airports in indonesia , also connect to dozens of private heli-pad  including an emergency heli-pad or a temporary heli-landing space.

The most selected destination cities are : Bali ,Surabaya, Bandung, Jakarta, Medan, Makassar, Manado and some more. The Ambulance aircrafts available as follow :

Single engine prop , Twin Otter, Grand Caravan , Cessna,
Learjet Series 35-36-45 ,
Beechcraft Jet series,
Foker Series 50-100,
Hawker series 700-800,
Westwind series,
Helicopter BEL series,
Heli Eurocopter series.

Mostly, all the Aircraft configured Air ICU and equipped as flying mobile Air ICU's Intensive Care Unit ( ICU) and carried mobile others medical equipments to include: 12 Lead cardiac monitor, defibrillator, Syringe pump, ventilator, and responder Bag.

Please take note, if you move from an hospital to the other hospital, you may ask the doctor from the first hospital to accompanying  the patient until reaching the destination hospital.